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If you are moving your home or business in Katy, TX, make the right choice by hiring a moving company that you can trust!

At Drop It Delivery LLC, you can expect the most pleasing moving experience as we pride ourselves on industry-leading moving company in Katy, TX.  Our Katy movers’ team can pack anything from forte things to troublesome rooms like the kitchen, to your entire house. We utilize the best packing supplies, and expertise from our team guarantees that every one of your assets is safe. We’ll likewise deal with disassembly/ reassembly furniture. What’s left for you to do? Nothing! Enjoy your residential and commercial move with us! 

We are Katy, TX Movers, Here to Serve You

Moving in or from Katy, TX is a touch and time-consuming endeavor without a reliable moving company nearby. At Drop It Delivery LLC, our Katy movers can give you a calm and swift-moving experience. You don’t need to pack. No, loading and unloading on your own. Our packers know that packing can be the part of a move that takes the longest, and accompanies the most pressure, particularly packing delicate things.

If the business is moving in Katy, TX, we realize that you need the moving services which will not interrupt your business. That is the reason we likewise offer weekend business moving services as well. We also ensure everything is done, so you’re all set by the next morning.

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We will take you anywhere in TX

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